The project is structured in five Work Packages:

WP1: information, communication and capitalization measures

WP2: project management

WP3: framework analysis and intercomparison sampling

  • 3.1 Kick off meeting and practice briefing (Marseille).
  • 3.2 Capitalization of the existing surveys and normative framework.
  • 3.3 Update of the local emission inventory and socio-economic trends.
  • 3.4 Intercomparison sampling in Marseille and data analysis.

WP4: air pollution monitoring campaigns and set-up of the model

  •  4.1 First technical and scientific project mtg (Barcelona).
  • 4.2 Air monitoring campaign in each study area and data analysis.
  • 4.3 Second technical and scientific project mtg (Thessaloniki).
  • 4.4 Set up of the model by processing source contributions data.

WP5: model application and scenarios for port cities sustainable development strategies ::::

  • 5.1 Third technical and acientific project mtg (Genoa).
  • 5.2 Identification of the risk activities and vulnerability system benchmarching
  • 5.3 Fourth technical and scientific project mtg (Venice).
  • 5.4 Design scenarious supporting coast development strategy.
  • 5.5 Common Transnational Strategy (CTS) and local downscaling (Local Adaption Plans-LAP).
  • 5.6 Mainstreaming of LAP within each territorial Knowledgeframeworks as driver for the sustainable development in port-city areas.