APICE is developed in 5 study areas of 4 MED Countries and involves the territories of Venice, Marseille, Thessaloniki, Genoa and
Barcelona. Partnership is organized on the base of a double-helix model that allows:

  • horizontal dialogue among researchers and institutions working, at different levels, towards integrated strategies to reduce pollution and manage the coastal zones
  • vertical dialogue between scientific actors and decision makers in each project area, to mainstream the results and assuring their better and effective use.

Thus, in each project areas, there is the presence of:

  • 1 university / research agency (ARPA Veneto for Venice; Universities of Aristotle and Western Macedonia for Thessaloniki; University of Genoa; University of Provence for Marseille; CSIC for Barcelona) with high-level expertise in monitoring, measurement and source-apportionment of atmospheric pollution emissions
  • 1 institutional body, owning the scientific findings about the impact of the each land-based / shipping pollution source affecting the air-quality and use this info as knowledge asset to drive the coast and port-areas development according to EU Directives. Involved institutional PP are the Regions of Veneto and Central Macedonia, the Province of Genoa, the Ports of Marseille and EUCC of Barcelona, that has a fast track channel with the Comunidad de Cataluna and Barcelona council


Italy (pilot areas: port of Venice and Genoa) Lead Partner: Regional Environmental Agency of Veneto- ARPAV
Regione Veneto Regional Authority of Veneto, Territorial Planning Department
Provincia di Genova Province of Genoa


Department of Physic University of Genoa

France (pilot area: port of Marseille)
Marseille Port Authority
University of Provence
Greece (pilot area: port of Thessaloniki)
Regional Authority of Central Macedonia Regional Authority of Central Macedonia
Regional Authority of Central Macedonia University of Western Macedonia
Aristotele University of Thessaloniki Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Spain (pilot area: port of Barcelona)
Spanish Research Council- Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water   Research (IDAEA) Spanish Research Council- Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water   Research (IDAEA)
Coastal and Maritime Union-EUCC EUCC Mediterranean Centre