The Local Adaptation Plans (LAPs) have been drafted in each project area and they represent the roadmap at the same time to elaborate and to scale down the Common Transnational Strategy (CTS) at local level, according to the approach developed within APICE project. 

<= Here you can dowload the report on the 5 LAPs.



In each area the Local Adaptation Plan aims at achieving specific targets.

In Barcelona, the LAP aims at constituting a guidance for reduction of 12 % for both NOx and PM10 emissions from the port, and thus supporting and complementing efforts by national and regional authorities .

LAP of Barcelona

In Marseilles, the application of APICE inputs and scenarios is meant to support a new project of setting electric power ground supply terminal within the strategic Plan of the Port Authority and to include of APICE deliverables in atmospheric, urban and health protection plan of PACA region .  
In Genoa, the APICE project is expected to develop a model for air quality focused on harbor emissions, as this tool was missing in this area before APICE. This tool is fundamental for the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the new Port Master Plan. The APICE model was also applied to a selection of actions contained in the new Port Master Plan, with the aim of continuing with the overall assessment of the whole plan. 


LAP of Genoa

For Venice, the target is to investigate on possible solutions to mitigate air pollution but at the same time supporting the development of port activities, within the framework of planning guidance to drive port-district expansion and of the Regional Masterplan (under revision) and coastal plans, as well as to support the promotion of agreements to mitigate emissions of docked-vessels closed to the historical islands of Venice   
In Thessaloniki, the LAP will contribute in establishing a roadmap for the improvement of the efficiency of the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia – Thrace and the Region of Central Macedonia in urban development planning for Thessaloniki city and implementing environmental policies in order to improve the citizens’ quality of life. 

LAP of Thessaloniki