In Genoa, organised the first working table between the stakeholders of APICE

With the meeting held on 21th March in St. George Palace, headquarters of the Port Authority of Genoa, the engagement of local stakeholders involved in APICE has officially taken off .

The meeting was attended by:

  • Port Authority of Genoa: Sanguineri Marco, Giuseppe Di Luca, Stefania Maggi;
  • Province of Genoa: Maria Teresa Zannetti;
  • Muvita Foundation: Marco Castagna;
  • University of Genoa, Department of Architectural Science: Moses Ricci, Jacopo Avenoso, Emanuele Sommariva, Chiara Olivastri;
  • Universityof Genoa, Department of Physics: Paolo Prati, Federico Cassola.

The event was an opportunity to take stock of the monitoring campaign initiated by the Department of Physics, in collaboration with the Province of Genoa and Port Authority of Genoa, with the aim to identify and quantify sources of pollution air pollution in the urban area of ​​Genoa and to verify their possible link with the port activities.

Within APICE, a mathematical model will be developed, which will allow to carry out computer simulations. The predictive models are useful for studying evolutionary scenarios to support the activities of urban planning.

Given the current land use planning tools, and especially in view of the new port master plan, during the meeting it was decided to initiate this trial in two specific areas of the port of Genoa: the area of ​​the Voltri Terminal and the Cruise Terminal.