Capitalisation and Mainstreaming of APICE

The main APICE results, the Common Transnational Strategy (CTS) and the Local Adaptation Plans (LAP), have been transferred to concerned stakeholders by presenting and discussing with them the measures. In the case of Barcelona, the regional government already agreed on incorporating some of the measures into their planning. In the case of Thessaloniki, an agreement for the mitigation actions on the basis of LAP is under consideration. In Marseille, PACA region has already made use of APICE results by integrating some of the scientific results and measures into its regional air policy. In Genoa, the tools developed in APICE will be used by Genoa Port Authority to evaluate the new Port Master Plan. In Venice, the APICE analysis and insight on the contribution of the port of Venice on the air quality of the Venetian area has been integrated on the Veneto Air Quality Regional Plan currently under implementation. Therefore, APICE is being mainstreamed into regional and local policies and assuring project results being used. 

Details on the project are available in the publication:   " Reducing atmospheric pollution in the Mediterranean Port Cities - The results of APICE project"