APICE presented in the conference "Port and territory: Keys for integration" - Valencia 18th October 2012

Pedro Fernánez -  from EUCC Mediterranean Centre -  presented APICE... [read more]

APICE inter-comparison campaign: a definitive report is available

A six weeks intercomparison campaign was organized in Marseille from the 25th of... [read more]

Air quality analysis in APICE cities

The air quality status of Barcelona, Marseille, Genoa, Venice and Thessaloniki have been... [read more]

Local emission inventory updated in APICE cities

In the framework of the APICE project, emission inventories have been prepared for the five... [read more]

First inter-institutional working table held in Apice cities

In the period March - June 2012 all Apice partners organised the first inter-institutional... [read more]

The 4th technical meeting of APICE held in Genoa on 26th - 28th June

[read more]

EU adopts sulphur directive compromise

The EU has offcially adopted a compromise regarding the sulphur... [read more]

EU policies make a difference

Stricter EU rules are making a positive change according to a... [read more]

3 - 5 October 2012: Green Port Congress in Marseille

Governments and... [read more]


The 1st APICE Local Working Table held on... [read more]

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