Description of the port area of Genoa
The Port of Genoa, with a trade volume of 58.6 million tonnes per years, is the first port of Italy. Thanks to its position, it is the natural access to the sea of the north of Italy and Central Europe.
Commercial and industrial activities, airport, oil port and quays for passenges traffic are located in a port area of about 500 hectares of land and the same area on water. The port extends for 20 kilometres along the coastline, with 47 km of maritime ways and 30 km of operative quays.
It is possible to distinguish several functions in the port area. The most important are:

  • Commercial activities in Sampierdarena (goods handling) and Voltri (containers terminal);
  • Industrial areas for the shipyard (in the west and east part of the port);
  • Industral area for steel production;
  • Passangers traffic - ferries and cruses - in the old port;
  • Oil port in Multedo.

Problems and challenges

Electrification of the quays & effects of an off-shore displacement of part of the oil terminal.
Evaluation of the design of new highway/railway links from the western part of harbor to the Po Valley.
Possible uses of 1 km of coastal area now free for new destinations (an old steel smelter plant  in decommissioning).

Expected concrete impacts of APICE

Improvement of the environment conditions along the seashore and in port districts spatial planning in port-city areas.
Assessment of the effect of a quitting or (opposite case) of an upgrade of the coal power plant also in view of a future electrification of the quays.
Assessment of the effects of an off-shore displacement of part of the oil terminal.
Evaluation of the effects and contribution to the design  of new highway or railway links form the western part of the harbor (dedicated to the containers handling) to the Po Valley.
Assessment of the effect of a partial quays electification in the wester part of the harbor.
Test of various solutions to reduce the impact of the ferry boats traffic (intense in summer with adverse meteo conditions…). 

APICE is running in the  port area of Genoa:

Intensive monitoring campaign in the port area of Genoa .pdf